Who we are

Who we are

  • An investment fund 100% dedicated to
  • entrepreneurs who want to expand
  • their businesses with a strong social impact.
  • We work closely with them in order to guide them
  • through the scale up of their start-up.

Entrepreneurs, you want to scale-up ?

  • To enable the long-term development of your start-up,
  • we provide you with:
  • Financial ressources & Strong strategic support

You want to INVEST ?

  • We offer you :
  • - a decent financial return on investment
  • - great involvement in innovative start-ups
  • with high social impact
  • - the mid-term liquidity of your investments


  • Join our network of qualified mentors & advisors
  • from various key areas of expertise:
  • HR, legal sector,
  • accountability, marketing or communication
  • join us to help our entrepreneurs !
Feedback from the entrepreneurs

They say...

  • ''I&+ is the only investment fund
  • which understands that return on investment
  • could not be fulfilled without taking in account
  • social impact''
  • Ismaël Le Mouël-Hello Asso