You are entrepreneur

What we offer to entrepreneurs  


A strategic long term support to scale up the start-up:

Financial ressources :

  • Funding in capital, interest-bearing account or hybrid financing.
  • Average participation of 600 K€ that could come up in 1, 2 or 3 times to finance the start-up.
  • Partnership on the long run: a minima 5 to 7 years.

A close and supportive relationship :

For each participation, Investir &+ gives access to:

  • A mentorship with one designated coach who follows, listens, advises the entrepreneur;
  • A representative of Investir &+ who sits at the Advisory or Supervisory Board;
  • A network of experts (HR, Legal, accountability, marketing, commercial, etc.).


Access to the professional network of Investir &+, with the opportunity to :

  • Enjoy a network of former entrepreneurs, shareholders, coming from « classic » business sector and/or social economy sector ;
  • Share and learn within the club of start-ups backed up by the fund;
  • Lead with us the movement associated with impact investing at national and European scale and contribute to the expansion of the social economy sector.



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