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What we offer to experts :

Joining the network of Investir &+ means having the opportunities to meet passionate, innovative, and committed entrepreneurs, contributing to their success, overall in terms of social impact.
The social issues addressed by the entrepreneurs often affect the business model, making it confusing and more complicated. In that case, the help of an expert can be extremely relevant !
Investir &+ gives access to a network of various experts from different areas:
  • HR, 
  • legal aspects, 
  • accountability / reporting,
  • marketing / communication, 
  • etc.
The entrepreneur can benefit from this expertise, through his/her relationship with his/her personal advisor. The expert can then punctually advise the company when necessary.
If the CEO of the start-up wishes to extend the time of collaboration and benefit from the competencies of our partners more regularly, he/she can make it happen without the intervention of Investir &+, as an individual requirement and action.


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