Fondateur: Ismaël Le Mouël

Founded in 2010 by Ismael le Mouël, the start-up MailforGood launched its crowdfunding platform in November 2012, for the non-for-profit organisations. Thanks to this free, easy, and secured solution,HelloAsso allows every organisation to get in touch with the web-users in order to raise the amount of money necessary for the achievement of their mission.

Each of the non-profit structure has its own customized web page and can enroll new members, collect donations by credit card or receive additional revenue form videos ads.

2400 non-for-profit organisations have already joined the network. HelloAsso wants to reach 10 000 in 2015. .

With its expertise in online communication, fundraising and its community, HelloAsso has launched HelloAsso Corporate to offers also to companies to manage their CSR online campaign..

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