Fondateur: Christian de Boisredon

Sparknews is a social business at the crossroads of innovation (social/environnemental), business and medias.
Sparknews has three missions: to source social innovations, to share them (via powerful medias), and to propel big organizations towards the creation of synergies between these innovations and their stakes.

Sparknews digs for solutions with strong social impact throughout a web platform and shows them to the audience, medias and companies in the shape of inspiring videos.

In order to spread out these solutions and to encourage medias to enhance them, Sparknews has launched the Impact Journalism Day, gathering 40 leader newspapers from 40 different countries, to co-construct an add-on edition of 8 pages about positives answers to social or environnemental issues, that will be read by 50 to 100 million people in the world.

Finally, Sparknews completes its action with consulting services and strategic monitoring to both public or private organizations to identify and support entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, who lead the way toward social innovation inside their sector.

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