Fondateur: Jérôme Schatzman et Vincent Fauvet

Tudo Bom? is the first participation of Investir &+.
Tudo Bom? was born in Brazil from the meeting between French social entrepreneurs and a group of Brazilian seamstresses.
Tudo Bom? is a brand of clothing, specialized in organic cotton, coming from the fair trade.
The company first decided to expand the industry of organic cotton in Brazil through 152 manufactures and 35 seamstresses.

After having set up a distribution network in Europe, Tudo Bom? was assigned in 2011 to shareholders specialized in the retail market.

Collections are entirely manufactured in Brazil and can be tracked from the cotton fields in Nordeste to the tailors’ workshops in the city of Petropolis (close to Rio de Janeiro) to finally be sold over the brand’s e-shop.

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