Investir &+ is looking for:


  • that have a strong social impact, and if possible, positive environnemental impact;
  • that perform their activity within a competitive market; Projects that have a viable economic model (profitable on the long run) and stand out from competition partly thanks to their social impact;
  • in which social impact is effective inside a close geographical zone so they can be tracked regularly and precisely;
  • that have demonstrated the viability and relevance of their model – social and economic (after minimum 12-18 month of activity), which can be replicated or scaled-up,. Ambitious projects potentially becoming references;
  • where Investir &+ could be a value-added partner and contribute to the growth of the company thanks to the financial and strategic support we bring;
  • that have appropriate leadership and human ressources;


Social Entrepreneurs, project leaders…

  • Entrepreneurs whose first goal is to maximise social impact;
  • Qualified, with the competencies necessary to reach the objectives defined by the business plan;
  • Highly involved in their company’s capital, developing their business should be their main activity;
  • Receptive to the guiding of the fund (attendance, transparence, steadiness);


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